Fathers and Sons

Just a few quick images of the “Three Generation Father’s Day Photo Shoot” the boys let me indulge in this weekend.  I think this little outing was, perhaps, more of a gift for me, but they were troopers and went along with it.

Here are a few of my favorites of a few of my favorites.

Long 2Long 3 Edit
Long Shoulders

Still can’t believe the double smiles from the boys in that first photo.  But then again, when you’re on the farm with Papaw and Daddy, what’s not to smile about, really.  Also, in that first photo, they are looking not only back and me (and their grandmother), but also across the street at the home and farm where their great grandfather lived – raising two sons of his own.  So, perhaps in that way, there are four generations represented here amidst the setting country sun and the fields and fences.

Here’s to a few great dads…and their sons.


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