Two Years through My Lens

A lot can change in two years.

From the budding of communication with its grunts and points and attempts and words,

8.26.12 088

to the full blossoming of conversation.

Nana and Charlie

From the unsteady toddling of little feet,

July 20 062

to the sure-footed exploring of little boys.


From “Mama” to “Mommy” to “Mom.”

July 20 030

From “Up?  Up?” to “I did it, Mom, look!”


But, thankfully, in two years, some things stay the same.

July 2012

Boys Drauden IV - Lighten


And…July 2014.

The July 2012 image of my boys examining the flower is hanging on my wall.  I shot that image while playing after an impromptu picnic in the park.  At the time (and still today) it was one of my favorite images.  I’m pretty sure I took the image using the “Auto” setting on my camera.  Now, I can look back and see a number of technical issues with the first photo (and with the second shot now as I venture into “Manual mode”).  Despite the great light, the focus is not sharp and the white balance is far from balanced and the color is not nearly as vibrant as it could be.

But despite the technical issues especially in the first photo, the moment remains.  And their curiosity remains.  And the reason(s) I take the photo in the first place…remains.

I hope that I’ve grown some in those two years as a photographer, as an observer, and as a story teller.  I’m not nearly where I’d like to be with my photography, but I can see growth, both behind…and definitely in front of…my lens.



  1. Yes, I can definitely see your growth as a photographer in those images (and how awesome that you were able to get such a similar shot). A beautiful post, Holli!

    • Thanks, Bev. Was pretty excited about the similar shots too since neither one was staged. Will miss seeing you this year at BlogHer! Are you going? If so, I hope you have a great time. :)

      • Oh wow, that makes the shots even more incredible! I will be going to BlogHer this year, I’m sorry I won’t get to see you there, but maybe next year.

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