365 Photo Project

I’ve recently challenged myself to do a 365 photo project where I try to take (and edit) at least one photo of my kids a day.  Now, let’s be real here for a moment.  Some days I take about 100 pictures.  Other days my average is closer to zero (that gets tricky mathematically, I know).  And I’m not good at these every day challenge things.  I think I managed about 10 of 30 for the Advent Photo Challenge this year.  So this will likely be closer to a 300 Photo Project.  Or even 200 would be good.

7.31 Summer Play C2

Yes, if you know me, you know that I already have a LOT of photos of my children.  (If you are my friend on Facebook, I’m sorry.)  You would laugh if I told you how many photos are actually on my computer.  Let’s just say my file space is about full.  We’re in external hard drive territory these days.  But I’m doing this for a couple of reasons.  Most of these hundreds (okay…thousands) of photos wind up in a folder in my computer’s web of files and I may not see them again for days or months, or really ever.  And the chance of my kids seeing them when they are older are slim to none.  So, in an effort to work daily on my photography skills AND to force myself to edit and organize and eventually print them for my children to one day see and remember their childhood, I’m taking on this challenge.  To keep myself accountable, I hope to share some favorites at the start of each month AND THEN TO PRINT THEM.

For me, for now.  For my children, for later.

Thus, without further ado, a few of my July Favorites:


7.31. Jake 2

7.18 Jake Sleeps

7.9 Jake Purple Park

7.9 - Boys Climb

7.16 Charlie Flower

IMG_6032In Progress

7.13 Charlie Model

And I know I technically have more photos of one kid than the other.  I promise it’s not because I love him more.  It’s just that he loves the camera more.  My other fella is in a “snark it up for the camera” phase so I have to catch him in more candid moments typically.  Also, the suspenders.   My brother got married this month and they were ring bearers.  I can’t even stand it.  In the very best way.

Please let these actually make it to an album one day.  Someone hold me to that, please?




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