Saturday in Chicago – And a “Mini” Twin First

Sometimes I struggle with whether to grab my camera or to just enjoy the mental pictures and try to commit those to memory instead.  But lately the evenings have been so lovely and I just ache to follow the gorgeous light.  It just seems to saturate everything these days, and I couldn’t by more grateful.  When I don’t have my camera, I find myself suppressing the overwhelming urge to reach for the empty space where it usually hangs around my neck.  I’m not sure if my kids don’t even see it anymore, my camera, or if they’ll remember me as the woman behind the lens.  Thus, always working to find the balance.


Still, I was so, so glad I did have my camera this past Saturday evening in Chicago.  These were some memories I wouldn’t want to risk forgetting.

PicMonkey Collage

After a visit to the Chicago Children’s Museum, (thank you to my husband’s company for sponsoring an employee day on Navy Pier) we ventured outside for the boys’ first round (ever) of mini-golf.

Oh, and did I mention the golf course was underneath this…


and right next to this?


I’m afraid we might have set the bar a little too high for them as far as Family Fun Night at the mini-golf goes.  Ah…well.

minigolf 6 Mini Golf 2 Mini Golf 3

{No kidding, he got a hole-in-one here.  A natural.}

minigolf 5

minigolf 4


Nice goin, fellas.

minigolf 9

Snack break and then a walk through the city.

Minigolf 8

A long walk…

minigolf 10

with some troopers for grandparents, I might add.


And…this is where we finally ended the night.  Which was a great idea, in theory.  But in practice, with two three-year-olds who skipped their naps and had waaaay to much fun on the Pier, reality was something different.  Thank goodness the gentle sound of the rainforest thunder could {mostly} drown out the sound of the…ehem…tired twins.  😉  I’ll leave those mental pictures to you.

But overall, we’ll take it.  A lovely day in my book for sure.  Hopefully in theirs as well.

Minigolf 7

{Thanks to my mother-in-law for grabbing the camera and snapping a few family photos with mom in them for a change.  And apologies for being a temporary road block on Navy Pier.  The light and the background was just too lovely to pass up.}



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