Location Scouts – Project 365 {Sort Of}

Well, I had {and still have} grand intentions of completing a Project 365 this year.  And I was cruising right along in July and August.  But then along came September {oops} and now it’s almost the end of October, and well…I’m falling a little a lot behind.  However, I’m falling behind thanks in large part to the fact that I’ve been busy taking pictures of some of the most beautiful people other than my own two children.  {This is a VERY good thing.}  They say October for photographers is like April for accountants.  And with this, during my first fall season as a photographer, I will have to concur.

However, I will share a few shots of my favorite little locations scouts from this month.  I find it’s always easier to find the light when you have two little subjects on which to focus the love and the lens.


And I was all worried when he knocked out that front tooth.  This boy couldn’t be more adorable if he tried.  {Says his biased mother, I know.}


And can we just pause for a brief light appreciation moment here.  There are no Photoshop effects in this picture.  That right there is pretty much SOOC {Straight Out Of the Camera…look at me learning photog lingo now}.

Just Fall and the Afternoon Sun dancing in all their fire red glory.

October 365 I

They pretty much never sit still for me anymore.  But my favs are so often them doing what they do.  And sitting is not what almost four-year-olds do.


Finally caught them at rest.  It’s tough work, all this park play.



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