Gratitude in Black and White

This week, I participated in a Black & White Photo Challenge on social media.  Actually, I sort of combined it with the popular November “30 Days of Gratitude” Challenge  because I thought for sure I could stay with it for 5 of the 30 days.  (Here is me setting the commitment bar high, I know.)  Honestly, though, I’ve loved this mini project so much that I almost wish I did take on the whole month.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go back through some images from this year (as well as to take a few new ones) with the intent of this challenge in mind.  My love for Black and White images, with their simplicity and emotion, is definitely growing.

Day 1 –  “Boy – (n), A noise with dirt on it.” (Original source unknown.)

BW Photo Challenge Day 1

Grateful for all the noise, and all the dirt. Even when it makes me crazy.

Day 2 – Portrait of a Good Man

BW Photo Challenge Day 2


Grateful for his patience. His patience with me and with the two small ones that require more patience than either of us really ever have.

Day 3 –  Bare Little Piggies

BW Photo Challenge Day 3


Grateful for a season of sweet and bare little feet. Especially as we enter a new one in which it will be too cold for little feet to bear…bare, and in which they are outgrowing their socks and their shoes and so much of their little-ness.

Day 4 – Wonder Boy

BW Photo Challenge Day WM

Makes me wonder about the last time I looked up with such awe. He’s looking at a hot air balloon here.

Grateful for new eyes with which to see the world in all its wonder.

Day 5 – Helping Hands

Helping Hands

PicMonkey Collage

Grateful for the guidance, support, care, and love from the many helping hands in my life, and in theirs.

These last few images of my mom (aka…Nana, the “Play-Doh Grandma” to my boys) and son were shot just yesterday.  As it is getting *very* cold *very* quickly here in the midwest, I enjoyed the opportunity to work on some indoor shots.  I am definitely looking forward to exploring the light indoors this winter, and I am trying very hard to convince myself we won’t all go stir crazy.

Even after the Play-Doh has long dried out…



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