Zoo Lights and Dark Shots

Lugged the old Rebel along last night for our trip to the zoo to see the Holiday Magic lights.  After a near catastrophe on a recent family outing, (aka…dropping my good camera at the aquarium) I made a new rule that I am only allowed to bring the “old” camera along on family stuff.  Side note: The good camera, thankfully and miraculously, came away unscathed.  Still, I hope I’ve learned my lesson.

I still debate every time though, especially last night.  I knew it would be dark.  And I despise using my on-camera flash.  And it can be hard with the old Rebel and such little light.

Still, I stuck to my rule and embraced the challenge of finding little pockets of light in the dark.


Web-7539 Web-7527-2

Lit by the glow of the carousel.  My favorite.


Grainy?   Yes.  Red eye?  No.  Happy kid whose mom and dad finally said “Yes!” to the carousel ride?  For sure.  

Web-7543 Web-7548

Again, borrowing some of the carousel light to snap these sweet faces in the dark.


We were about the only strange ones taking a picture of the tree from about 20 feet away from the tree.  But I stuck to my Rule #1 here, and it was by far the best tree picture of the bunch!  Also, this tree talks.  Which is very cool…or a little freaky…depending on your age.  But less freaky at a 20-foot distance, and with a warm chocolate drink to share with brother.


Technical notes:  For most of these shots, I had my Canon Rebel T2i maxed out at an ISO of 6400.  (Aka, high grain.)  Also, most pictures were shot with my “nifty fifty” 50 mm 1.8 lens at a wide aperture (f/1.8 or so) and low shutter speeds.  And yes, I was leaning on whatever I could find to try to stabilize myself. 


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