Project 365 – December 2014

December is a pretty hopping month around here – with Christmas and the end of the school semester and 3/4ths of the household celebrating birthdays – but we did manage a few images for our Project 365.  Here are a few December favorites…and one birthday selfie.


The December birthday crew.  Photo credits to Nana. 😉






web-1067 web-1061

IMG_0249-2 December I untitled-0854mattebw

Web-7548 Web-7527-2 Matte FB (1 of 1) Blog-1002 Christmas Cuties

LRE-1175 LRE-1229 LRE-1234 LRE-1270 LRE-1295matte December III LRE-1375-wm

And finally, I have to share a HUGE personal accomplishment.  My little problem of keeping my images only on my computer lost in a file somewhere?  No more!

Look…I’ve printed and framed!


And old-fashion-albumed!

web-1395 web-1394 web-1393

And despite some blank pages and slots I still need to fill, I am so excited to have these images on my wall and on the coffee table.  My boys have been loving looking through them as well.  Motivation to keep going for sure!

And speaking of motivation, I’ve signed up for a second  year with Shoot Along 2015, and I’ll also be continuing this Project 365 and following along with Click It Up a Notch.  You can find other Project 365 posts by month here.  Hope to fill those remaining pages this year!

Happy 2015 All!


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