Selfie Photobombers

With the New Year today, I begin a renewed effort at a Project 365 and Day 1 of my second year of the learning community, Shoot 2015.  Our assignment today was to introduce ourselves and to take a “selfie.”  I’m not very good at selfies…neither with my phone nor with my camera.  So, I employed the help of my tripod and my husband.  While I’m still working on my final self portrait (as well as a new headshot for my website/FB page), I wanted to share a few shots from two little photobombers that stopped in to see why Mom and Dad were hanging out in the bathroom this AM.  😉

{And for the record, Mom and Dad were hanging out in the bathroom because it happens to be the room in the house with some of the best light and a blank wall for a backdrop.)

BW-1485 BW-1473 BW-1474 BW-1419 BW-1416 BW-1423

Big brother has always been perfectly photogenic.  Missing tooth and all.


And they say Little Brother looks like his Daddy…


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