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My babies turned five this month.  Five.  Yes, in some ways it happened in a blink.  But in others it was a whirlwind – an exhausting daily “adventure” where I found myself wondering when will they would sleep through the night or be done with those blasted diapers or for the love…say goodbye those often terrible twos threes.  Now, I have new wonders.  I wonder how they will fare in Kindergarten.  I wonder if their budding passions for music and “how things work” will blossom in the years to come.  I wonder if they be kind and good and “helpers” to their communities.  And while I am excited to see what this new year and this new age bring, I am also feeling a bit nostalgic for four.


(Collage of images inspired by my participation in Shoot Along* – an awesome photography community for parents that I have been a part of for the last two years.  Registration for Shoot 2016 is open until 12/31.  Come join the fun this year!)

Oh, how I have loved four.  This year’s birthday celebration was bittersweet as it was the first year that my mom heart didn’t quite feel ready.  Age four found me wondering less and less when the next stage will come and cherishing more and more the present wonders.  Maybe it is because “four” is the age I pictured for so long as we struggled to try to have children.  Whenever I would close my eyes and let myself imagine what our child (or our children) might look like or sound like or be like, for some reason, I always pictured them about this age.  Not a newborn.  Not a toddler or a teen.  But a young child with a budding personality.  Running around the yard.  Building his or her latest LEGO set.  Snuggling in for a bedtime story.  Helping Dad shovel the driveway or mom make dinner.

What I wasn’t able to picture, though, was the unique bond that our two four-year-olds would share.  How they would spend hours farming in their room or building a LEGO city or re-enacting the battle between Good and Evil with their X-Wing fighters, Millennium Falcon and light sabers.

I am so grateful that “Four” has probably been their most photographed year.  Between my attempt at a Project 365 52 and my participation in my second year of Shoot Along, I have managed to capture so many moments this past year.  One particular series I am proud of is this “Four Seasons of Four” sequence.  Thanks to an idea by one of the Shoot Along leaders, I made myself make the time to schedule little mini sessions for my own kids during each of the seasons of this past year.  I love the outcome, and my walls are much happier too as images from these shoots can now be found all over our home.

Four Seasons of Four






While I don’t plan to do the same seasonal series for “Five,” I am looking forward to getting back to focusing the lens on my own kiddos more during the slower winter season.  Can’t wait to get going again with Shoot 2016!

SHOOT 2016

* I am a paying member of the Shoot Along community.  If you follow the links here to register, I do receive a small commission from Shoot Along, though your registration fee remains the same.  Thanks so much for reading and for your support!


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