5 Outside the Box Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are like me, you are probably going to skip right through this introduction and get straight to the point.  The list.  So I’ll keep it short and sweet.  Father’s Day is fast approaching. Coming up with original gift ideas is hard.  You are juggling the start of summer and all the schedules and probably, already, exhausted.  Here are a few outside the box ideas to help you out so you can celebrate Dad in a meaningful way with a few simple clicks.  (PS…Some of the links here are affiliate links, meaning a small commission might come back to us, though the cost to you is the same.  Thank you so much for helping to support this blog and our small business.)

IMG_0473_Plainfield IL Family Photographer

#1. I Wonder – Celebrating Daddies Doin’ Work

Give Dad the gift of celebrating fatherhood.  I am in no way  biased here (ehem…I am 100% biased here), but the BEST new children’s book ever just hit the shelves in time for Father’s Day.  If you have a great dad of little ones in your life, this book will surely be a winner.  Authored by Doyin Richards of Daddy Doin’ Work fame (you probably know him from that sweet, viral picture of him and his daughters that made the rounds on the internet, or perhaps from the Today Show or that adorable Windows 10 commercial), I Wonder celebrates great dads and the special relationship they have with their kids.  It is sure to pull at your heartstrings a bit and will be a cherished book for the whole family.  I personally cannot get through reading it without getting a little choked up, for two reasons, really.  One, I am beyond grateful to have a Daddy Doin’ Work as a partner and two, MY LOVES ARE ON THE COVER!!  Yup, my heart pretty much bursts wide open.  We have a copy on our mantel above our fireplace.  It’ll probably stay there until we retire and move to Florida, or Canada.


And of course we had to make a special trip to our local bookstore to pick up a copy or seventeen.

IMG_0473_Plainfield IL Family Photographer

Twin A and Dad made the inside of the book too.  One of my favorite pictures ever of them.  Check this book out.  I promise you’ll love it, too.

#2. Backyard Jenga

Give Dad the gift of quality time.  This over-sized Jenga game is a hit at parties or in the backyard with family on summer nights.  Plus, it’s a gift that you can make yourself (or as a fun project with Dad) or have shipped straight to your door in time for the big day.  (Hello, Amazon Prime!)  Check out the DIY version on our site here:  DIY Backyard Jenga.  For the non-DIY version, see Amazon here or here.  Or, how about a few other backyard favorites, such as Ladder Golf or Bags?

Jenga III

#3. Shoot Along Summer School Membership

Give Dad the gift of letting him indulge in his hobby.  Moms, you know we aren’t the only ones following our kids around the park with that camera.  I love getting to talk “shop” with lots of dads while out on our photo shoots.  You know he loves that great new camera.  Help him master his new toy with this great 8-week Summer School class just for parents.  He’ll be clicking off “Auto” and capturing your family’s summer memories with ease.  Win, win.  Plus, there is a great coupon code for a panoramic photobook from MPix included.  These books are fantastic and would make the perfect coffee table book to help document your amazing summer.  Click on through to Shoot Along to sign him (okay, or you) up today.  Starts June 12th!

summe school fb ad

#4. Family Pictures

Give Dad the gift of images with his children.  So yes.  I know.  Dads are typically not the first ones to jump in the car on the way to family pictures.  Although I will say that we have had some amazing Dads who are total troopers and so fun at our sessions.  Still, I told you these were some outside the box ideas. But what dad wouldn’t want a framed portrait of his kids at the desk at work, in the home office, or on the living room wall?  We have a lot of fun at our sessions, and we’ll even let Dad check the score on his phone.  😉  Hop on over to our HLP Website and we’ll get you set up with a gift card or session today.

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#5. Hello Fresh Meal Subscription

Give Dad the gift of a healthy lifestyle.  Okay so technically this one is inside the box, but it will quickly turn into your favorite box ever.  If Dad loves to cook (or eat) delicious and healthy meals, this is a really great option.

Veggies for Kids-1-2

A Hello Fresh Meal Subscription was my Mother’s Day gift to myself, actually.  (That is totally allowed, right?)  I really see it as a gift for the whole family, though.  Like so many families, we have a whole host of diet-related illnesses in our genes and family history, so it is super critical that we try to eat a vegetable once and awhile.  Which, again, as many of you know, can be way tricky with little ones.  While I have no claims of genius here, I am pretty encouraged by the amount and variety of things the kids will try and I have been thrilled by their reaction to our Hello Fresh meals.  A few of our favorites have been Whole Wheat Cheeseburger Quesadillas, Simple Sausage Bolognese, and Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry.

Want to give it a try?

Veggies for Kids and Toddlers -3

Simply click on over here to Hello Fresh, customize your box, and then use code QUDHKS at the checkout screen for $40 off your first box.

Hello Fresh 1

You can read more about Hello Fresh over at the Verge and read this review that compares 5 popular meal delivery services.

So that’s our list.  Short and sweet and hopefully some things to get you thinking.  What outside the box ideas have been a hit for the special Dad in your life?


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