Hi,  I’m Holli.  I’m a Mom.  A Wife.  An Educator.  A {Progressive} Christian.  A {Sometimes} Writer.  A {Full-Time} Photographer.


Welcome to the space where the swirling thoughts in my head and the images in my camera often make it to the page.  Or screen, as it is.  I write about my faith and my family and the better world I dream of for my children.  You can find some of my pieces on Believe Out Loud, Reconciling Ministries Network, Church World Service, and Momastery.  More recently, I am also blogging about the world as I see it through my camera, and the beauty on to be found both sides of the lens.


My husband is the greatest (and cheapest) editor I know.  I’m grateful to him for his support, for his ability to catch what spell check cannot and for his solicited business advice.  Not bad for an engineer.


Finally, my children are my muse.  My reason for using my voice and for {always} grabbing my camera.  They help me to see the good…to turn towards the light.

Thank you for reading, sharing, and joining the conversation.

{Photo Credits: Amy Tripple Photography}