CROP Hunger Walk 2015 – Many Faces, One Goal

This year, my family and I participated in our third CROP Hunger Walk.  Well, for three of us, it was our third.  For my husband, more like his 10th or 12th or so as he grew up walking with his family.  It was the second year my kids walked more than they rode, and the first year for our pup.  He was one of three dogs, actually.  This was also the first year that I had a role beyond just "walker" or "stroller pusher."  Because, this year, for the first time I was also part of the planning … [Read more...]

World Water Day and You

Oh, you know, this Saturday I think I'll "Hang Out" with Glennon Doyle Melton.   Wanna join me? No really, I'm completely serious.  I'm going to hang out with Glennon (yes, the Glennon of Momastery) and the really awesome folks over at Church World Service (yes, the CROP Hunger Walk folks working to fight poverty around the globe) on Google +.  How cool is that? Also, you are invited! Why?  Because this Saturday is World Water Day. So, to help shed some light on how access to … [Read more...]

10 Favorite Books for Little Farmers, Truck Drivers, Engineers, and Builders

I am not an expert on many things.  (Okay, or any things.)  However, since observing my little boys and their farming er, playtime habits as of late,  I am fairly certain when it comes to tractors, trains, trucks, and construction equipment I can hang with the best of them. Thanks to my 3-year-olds, I can diagram the path of a seed of corn from the planter to the soil and ultimately to the combine (and then to the auger and the Semi and the grain bin). And, while my boys love to hold, … [Read more...]

Martin, Did You Know?

This Sunday in confirmation class, our 8th graders, our youth pastor and I tackled the question, "Did Jesus know he was God?"  {Yes.  I know.  The questions are always this easy.}  After some scripture reading, an edgy and appropriately angsty video, and some guidance from our youth pastor, we may not have answered the question so much as acknowledged its complexity. Um...Yes.  Probably.  I mean, he knew but did he know? As with so many other questions, sometimes the Bible isn't clear. At one … [Read more...]

The Reasons I Stay in the United Methodist Church

I want to begin by recognizing that there are reasons some may choose, and may need, to leave the UMC at this time.  I don't believe that anyone should feel pressured to stay in a place that does not feel loving.  Finding a place that nurtures a personal relationship with God is what is most important for each individual.  For some, this place is the UMC, for others, at this time, it is not. In light of the recent news about the church trial and suspension of Reverend Frank Schaefer and … [Read more...]

Let them {All} Sing – In Support of “Holiday” Programs

I recently came across this post by Bristol Palin in which she laments along side Georgia father Darryl Woods over a charter school's policy for their "Holiday program."  They (Palin and Woods) are outraged because this school will only be singing secular Holiday songs. According to Wood's dictation of the letter which was sent home from The Main Street Academy, the school... “...will begin rehearsing popular American holiday music (such as Jingle Bells, Feliz Navidad and Santa Claus is … [Read more...]

Why I’m Going Purple

I read an article the other day about how a high-school student, near the end of his rope, went to talk to his school counselor.  He felt safe because he saw a rainbow flag on her door. Today he is the president of the student government at a major university.  Based on that article, you might say he is thriving. While there is much to admire about the determination of a young man like Austin Laufersweiler, what stood out to me while reading his story was the power of that sticker.  A simple … [Read more...]

SNAP – We Must to Do Better

Today, members of the House of Representatives passed a bill which would cut funding for food stamps by $40 billion over 10 years and remove close to 4 million eligible recipients from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  While this bill is unlikely to pass in the Senate, even if nothing is done to change the current law, thanks (or no thanks) to scheduled cuts, families will receive a significantly smaller amount each month to put food on the table come November. And, so, in … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Gratitude – A Letter to the Courageous Voices of the LGBT Community

{A guest post for the "Love Letters" series on Registered Runaway.} Thank you. If I could sum up my feelings towards you, the courageous voices of the LGBT community - you who are my brothers and my sisters in Christ - it would be with these two words. Thank you. There are other words I might choose that weigh equally on my heart: You are precious. You are loved.   You are worthy.   Your story matters. But in this current stage of my life, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming gratitude for … [Read more...]

Let Us Shine in Sochi

I grew up one among athletes, artists, dancers and performers.  Some of them were gay. Much of my childhood and early adulthood was spent twirling a baton, spinning a flag, tossing a sabre, and dancing my way across a football field.  While my beloved sports were not Olympic events (yet!), it was through my participation in competitive baton twirling and later in color guard and Drum Corps International that I experienced a glimpse of what the Olympic hopeful knows. I, too, know the adrenaline … [Read more...]