CROP Hunger Walk 2015 – Many Faces, One Goal

This year, my family and I participated in our third CROP Hunger Walk.  Well, for three of us, it was our third.  For my husband, more like his 10th or 12th or so as he grew up walking with his family.  It was the second year my kids walked more than they rode, and the first year for our pup.  He was one of three dogs, actually.  This was also the first year that I had a role beyond just "walker" or "stroller pusher."  Because, this year, for the first time I was also part of the planning … [Read more...]

Stayin’ Cool

So hot the lens fogged up yesterday.  But we found a way to stay cool. Here's to the almighty sprinkler; that summertime staple which has cooled generations of happy little feet.   … [Read more...]

On Mother’s Day – Shifting {My} Focus

I have an expectation problem.  A big one.  A few times a year, as special holidays approach (and by "special" I mean the ones that are supposed to be about me) I start to imagine all the ways I will be honored and surprised and showered with gifts.  I imagine the parade, I anticipate the pampering and the pedicure, and I contemplate how I will have my eggs prepared for my breakfast in bed.  So perhaps it is no surprise that I am usually disappointed. And, Oh, Mother's Day.  How I love/hate … [Read more...]

Ten Highlights from My First Festival of Faith and Writing

This weekend, I attended my first Festival of Faith and Writing in Grand Rapids, MI.  It is a pretty safe bet to call this my first, as it was such an amazing and well-planned event.  I am definitely planning to return.  The quality of the speakers, writers, and authors was beyond impressive.  And while my head is still in that fog-like state that results from such whirlwind weekends and such overloading of inspiration,  I have tried here to piece together a highlight reel of sorts while the … [Read more...]

On My Infertility – My Messy Beautiful

Someday, we’re going to have to tell them.  I’m not sure when, or exactly what version we’ll tell them.  But, we're going to have to tell them.  I mean, we can't really keep it a secret since I've written about it and shared it with the world from time to time. (And by “the world” I of course mean our friends, family and a few readers.) Nor do I want to.  Keep it a secret, that is.  From you.  From them.  Especially from them.  But they are only three-years-old now, so it hasn't exactly come … [Read more...]

Nadia Bolz-Weber, Soul Balm and My First Syndicated Post for BlogHer

What a day.  What a week.  Just returned from an all-day Spring Conference at Chicago Theological Seminary.  My brain is in that place where there are all kinds of crazy fireworks going off in every direction.  So much good, challenging stuff.  But I'm by no means ready to process yet. Just, this was pretty awesome... Pardon the grainy picture.  I'm still learning how to use my smartphone, and this was the best one I could get while playing it "cool" and not totally geeking out and taking … [Read more...]

What’s in a {Christian} Name

'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.' - Mahatma Gandhi Christian.  What's in that name? It's been a roller coaster of a week, and it's likely not over yet.  After initially coming out on Monday with the announcement that they would hire gay Christians in same-sex marriages, World Vision U.S. then reversed it's decision on Wednesday, citing backlash and pressure from Evangelicals and church leaders. And now everyone is left to deal … [Read more...]

5 Must Read Posts on the World Vision Controversy

UPDATE 3/26/14 4:36  pm CST - This afternoon, World Vision U.S. announced that it has reversed its decision and will not hire Christians in same-sex marriages.  In a statement released to Christianity Today, president Richard Stearns addresses the reasons behind the reversal, citing backlash from some supporters and Christian leaders.  The articles below are extremely relevant, perhaps even more now, and there will be many more to come following this decision.  Also, for all of us who made … [Read more...]

World Water Day and You

Oh, you know, this Saturday I think I'll "Hang Out" with Glennon Doyle Melton.   Wanna join me? No really, I'm completely serious.  I'm going to hang out with Glennon (yes, the Glennon of Momastery) and the really awesome folks over at Church World Service (yes, the CROP Hunger Walk folks working to fight poverty around the globe) on Google +.  How cool is that? Also, you are invited! Why?  Because this Saturday is World Water Day. So, to help shed some light on how access to … [Read more...]

Pocket Blessings

Two weeks ago today, my grandfather on my father's side of the family passed away peacefully at his home, my grandmother by his side. One week ago today, we visited with family and friends and celebrated his life on the eve of his funeral.  And today, on St. Patrick's Day, my grandfather the true Irishman that he was, would have celebrated his 85th birthday. An Irish man, proud of his Irish heritage, born on St. Patrick's Day. Perhaps that's part of the reason he always carried his beloved … [Read more...]