To Each, Their Own

A few scenes from a typical summer afternoon in the backyard. One, content, for days, in his shed. Ever wonder how a mower works?  This kid can tell you. Meanwhile, down in his Treehouse... This one is lost in a little magic of his own. Twins, these two.  But each their own man. … [Read more...]

Music Men

These days the sound of music fills our home, and my heart overflows. Still too little to reach, he finds a way. Rarely does he find breakfast before his fingers find the keys, this one.  His gift is ours, really.  What greater joy than to hear him play.  To hear the sound of his joy dancing through the halls. Brother finds his time in the quiet moments.  Those rare moments when the piano bench is unoccupied. With a few simple chords, his budding and mellow personality … [Read more...]

Sticks and Snails…

...and puppy-dog tails. And creek rocks by the bridge.  This is what these little boys are made of. … [Read more...]

Stayin’ Cool

So hot the lens fogged up yesterday.  But we found a way to stay cool. Here's to the almighty sprinkler; that summertime staple which has cooled generations of happy little feet.   … [Read more...]