Easter People

A few favorites from our first Easter at the forever house.  Although the forecast called for rain, it held off until the afternoon and we had the most beautiful morning.  We managed to snap a few "Handsome" pics before church and then some candids of our little egg hunt.  Still can't believe this is home...feeling grateful today. … [Read more...]

Four Seasons of Four – Plainfield, IL Family and Child Photographer

My babies turned five this month.  Five.  Yes, in some ways it happened in a blink.  But in others it was a whirlwind - an exhausting daily "adventure" where I found myself wondering when will they would sleep through the night or be done with those blasted diapers or for the love...say goodbye those often terrible twos threes.  Now, I have new wonders.  I wonder how they will fare in Kindergarten.  I wonder if their budding passions for music and "how things work" will blossom in the years to … [Read more...]

Stayin’ Cool

So hot the lens fogged up yesterday.  But we found a way to stay cool. Here's to the almighty sprinkler; that summertime staple which has cooled generations of happy little feet.   … [Read more...]

When Working from Home…

There are definitely many pros to working from home.  I can set my own schedule.  My commute is great.  And, don't tell, but I sometimes (okay or most of the time) can get away with working in my yoga pants.  Bonus. However, there are also some challenges with a home office.  For one, interruptions - even the welcome kind - are frequent.  For example, say you are working on a styled product shoot for the upcoming Mother's Day Holiday, thinking you can get it done "real quick" while the … [Read more...]

April Evening

Warmth has hit the 'burbs with t-shirts and airplane flight. Breathe in, breathe out...spring. … [Read more...]

Let ’em Soar

After a weekend visit to the Air Zoo in Michigan with Nana and a favorite Auntie, it was time to try their little hands at flight. Ready, Mom? If you look closely you can see the sunset in his eyes there...and mom.  I'm there too.  We have lift off! Brother's turn. Ready, set? Let 'er fly, boys.  Let 'er fly. Thankful for their memories of this weekend with Nana, and for mine. … [Read more...]

Zoo Lights and Dark Shots

Lugged the old Rebel along last night for our trip to the zoo to see the Holiday Magic lights.  After a near catastrophe on a recent family outing, (aka...dropping my good camera at the aquarium) I made a new rule that I am only allowed to bring the "old" camera along on family stuff.  Side note: The good camera, thankfully and miraculously, came away unscathed.  Still, I hope I've learned my lesson. I still debate every time though, especially last night.  I knew it would be dark.  And I … [Read more...]

7 Simple Tips for Great Christmas Tree Pictures

Ever wondered how to get those great Christmas tree photos with the soft, glowing lights?  Or, maybe you've wondered how come so many of your Christmas images end up with your subject blurry but not the lights?  While getting the {technically} perfect Christmas tree light shot can be tricky, there are a few simple tips to help achieve that holiday magic in your images. (This post may contain some affiliate links where I may receive a small commission for any purchases made, through there is … [Read more...]


They are getting heavy now. They are almost four and they're getting heavy. It wasn't long ago that I carried them together.  Somehow, miraculously, with my body and then with a single sling, and then one on each arm. Up and down and back up the stairs so many times each day. I still carry them.  But now, just one at a time.  Just once. Their sugared request coming still.  The task which once exhausted me, now the thread to which I cling. Carry me like a baby, Mama? Okay my … [Read more...]

Gratitude in Black and White

This week, I participated in a Black & White Photo Challenge on social media.  Actually, I sort of combined it with the popular November "30 Days of Gratitude" Challenge  because I thought for sure I could stay with it for 5 of the 30 days.  (Here is me setting the commitment bar high, I know.)  Honestly, though, I've loved this mini project so much that I almost wish I did take on the whole month.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go back through some images from this year (as well as … [Read more...]