5 Outside the Box Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are like me, you are probably going to skip right through this introduction and get straight to the point.  The list.  So I'll keep it short and sweet.  Father's Day is fast approaching. Coming up with original gift ideas is hard.  You are juggling the start of summer and all the schedules and probably, already, exhausted.  Here are a few outside the box ideas to help you out so you can celebrate Dad in a meaningful way with a few simple clicks.  (PS...Some of the links here are affiliate … [Read more...]

Four Seasons of Four – Plainfield, IL Family and Child Photographer

My babies turned five this month.  Five.  Yes, in some ways it happened in a blink.  But in others it was a whirlwind - an exhausting daily "adventure" where I found myself wondering when will they would sleep through the night or be done with those blasted diapers or for the love...say goodbye those often terrible twos threes.  Now, I have new wonders.  I wonder how they will fare in Kindergarten.  I wonder if their budding passions for music and "how things work" will blossom in the years to … [Read more...]

Starting a Photography Business? 8 First Investments – Plainfield, IL Family Photographer

Some time last summer I was bit by the photography bug and became all consumed with the dream to start my own business.  Technically the 'love of photography bug' bit long ago.  But the desire and the spark to make it a career came last summer.  It was part true inspiration and part necessity.  Twins with preschool tuition.  Rising cost of living.  A desire to maybe, someday go on that family vacation to see the Mouse before the boys are, I don't know, twenty. I remember naively telling a … [Read more...]

It’s Oh, So Quiet…

I know it's been a bit (or a lot) on the quiet side over here on my personal blog as of late.  But that's because it's been anything but over on the Holli Long Photography website and client blog.  So, I thought I would take a moment to give a little peek at what's been going on this spring with the almost 1-year-old business! To see more from recent client sessions, head on over the Holli Long Photography Client Blog.  :)   … [Read more...]

When Working from Home…

There are definitely many pros to working from home.  I can set my own schedule.  My commute is great.  And, don't tell, but I sometimes (okay or most of the time) can get away with working in my yoga pants.  Bonus. However, there are also some challenges with a home office.  For one, interruptions - even the welcome kind - are frequent.  For example, say you are working on a styled product shoot for the upcoming Mother's Day Holiday, thinking you can get it done "real quick" while the … [Read more...]

Gratitude in Black and White

This week, I participated in a Black & White Photo Challenge on social media.  Actually, I sort of combined it with the popular November "30 Days of Gratitude" Challenge  because I thought for sure I could stay with it for 5 of the 30 days.  (Here is me setting the commitment bar high, I know.)  Honestly, though, I've loved this mini project so much that I almost wish I did take on the whole month.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go back through some images from this year (as well as … [Read more...]

Location Scouts – Project 365 {Sort Of}

Well, I had {and still have} grand intentions of completing a Project 365 this year.  And I was cruising right along in July and August.  But then along came September {oops} and now it's almost the end of October, and well...I'm falling a little a lot behind.  However, I'm falling behind thanks in large part to the fact that I've been busy taking pictures of some of the most beautiful people other than my own two children.  {This is a VERY good thing.}  They say October for photographers is … [Read more...]

The Sound of their Laughter

I'm sure I've already forgotten what they're laughing about here.  {Some classic three-year-old potty humor of some sort I imagine.}  But that's not important, really. I just want to remember the sound of their laughter here a minute. Breathe it in a bit.  Because it's good. Three is hard...both being three and parenting three.  There is no instruction manual for either I'm afraid. But this, This is good. And so just pausing a moment.  To look.  And to listen... … [Read more...]

In the Orchard…

Red.  Delicious. Took the boys out for their first trip to the Apple Orchard tonight. And I'm not sure why we haven't done it before, but we'll surely be doing it again. One can hope we've started a new family tradition here in the orchard. Dad is a good sport.  He totally gets bopped in the head riiiiight after that last shot there.  Did you see it coming? The apple is always redder.  Especially when it's in your brother's bag. This place was … [Read more...]

Project 365 – Farewell August

Summer may be winding down according to the calendar, but we've still had lots of warm days here in the Midwest.  Thank goodness, because my two are loving every minute of life outdoors. Not sure what we'll all do once winter comes, but I think he has a few ideas. Finally, I usually focus on the little fellas for my Project 365 pics, but I have to share at least one of my other favorite fella.  It'll be 10 years this week.  Handsome, … [Read more...]