To Each, Their Own

A few scenes from a typical summer afternoon in the backyard. One, content, for days, in his shed. Ever wonder how a mower works?  This kid can tell you. Meanwhile, down in his Treehouse... This one is lost in a little magic of his own. Twins, these two.  But each their own man. … [Read more...]

Sticks and Snails…

...and puppy-dog tails. And creek rocks by the bridge.  This is what these little boys are made of. … [Read more...]

Mornin’ Farmers

They come from a long line of carpet farmers, these boys. Most mornings, you'll find them tractor in hand. {...whether or not you find sock on foot.} Most times it's best to just let them tend to the business of being farmers little boys. {...with their toys.} … [Read more...]

Reflections on Our Bumpy Path – Berta’s Story

Hi, my name is Holli, and I'm infertile. By definition, "infertile" means that I am unable to have children without medical intervention despite "trying" for over a year. Psst....but Holli, you have twins. I refer you back to said definition of infertile.  (Hint: There was some intervention.) Yes, after 3 years of "trying" which included special diets, temperature charts, ovulation sticks, yoga (I once...or twice...actually stood on my head to promote fertile happenings), acupuncture, herbal … [Read more...]

“Us” Care

A pastor of mine talks a lot about the importance of "self care." An awful story on the news and I listen, knowing I won't sleep. Turn it off, Holli.  Self care. I'm at the end of my frazzled rope after a particularly wild morning of twin wrangling. Open the window, read a little Anne Lamott at naptime, Holli.  Self care. Haven't had real meal (that didn't include my chlidren's leftovers) in two days. Eat some broccoli, Holli.  Self care. There is much to love about self care, and … [Read more...]