Backyard Jenga Tutorial

July 19, 2012

Backyard Jenga

{See end of post for DIY instructions to make your own Backyard Jenga game.}

Jenga I

The boys took their tower building skills on the road this weekend.

Jenga II

Here they are super excited to have their turn at a game of Backyard Jenga at the family picnic,

Jenga III

and getting a little needed help building the tower,

Jenga IV

and even playing the “right” way…with a little help…for a few rounds.

Jenga V

Yup, just like that Little Brother.

Jenga VI


Jenga VII

It was time for some destruction courtesy of two very excited tower tumblers!

Ok, full disclosure here, but we totally set up the blocks…a few times after this…just because the adults were having way too much fun watching the boys knock them down.

Jenga VIII

And that fun lasted for a pretty good while until Big Brother decided chasing the dog was even more fun. 😉

Besides, it was time for the “big kids” to have a turn with the blocks. Here’s a quick little How To if you’d like to make your own Backyard Jenga party game. Enjoy!

Backyard Jenga Tutorial

Jenga IX


6 – 2x4s, 8 ft long
Circular Saw
Sand Paper
12×12 (or larger) Cement Patio Brick
Large Plastic Storage Bin

Step 1:

Cut each 2×4 into nine 10.5 inch* pieces. This will yield 54 total blocks to be stacked in 18 rows of 3. (With careful measuring, each 96 inch piece of lumber will give you nine 10.5 inch pieces with 1.5 inches to spare – 10.5 x 9 = 94.5 inches. You may want to purchase one extra board for backup.)

Step 2:

Sand the rough edges of the cut blocks of lumber.

Step 3:

Use a level to find a flat spot in the yard. You may want to find a 12×12 (or larger) patio brick as a foundation. (See picture above.)

Step 4:

Store blocks in a large plastic bin with wheels for easy transport.

*Your completed Jenga tower will measure a 10.5×10.5 inch square base. Although you are using 2x4s, the actual measurement of the lumber is 1.5×3.5. When the blocks are set three wide, the base will measure 10.5 inches (3.5 + 3.5 + 3.5) rather than 12 inches. This is why you will want to cut your boards to a length of 10.5 inches rather than 12 inches so as to avoid a rectangular base.

Or, you can always go the DIY “Shop at Home” route and find the [affiliate link] Backyard Tower Tumbler on Amazon, too. Either way, enjoy!

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